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3 tips to embrace your newfound creativity

Supriya Sharma
2 min readSep 28, 2021

Creativity, as defined on Google, is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. In fact, Aristotle considered creativity to be a gift from the divine, something that resulted not during rational thought but when one was ‘bereft of his/her senses’. But where was the space in our lives for it before the pandemic struck?

In a survey conducted by the Open University, it was seen that 61% of people were lucky enough to have found some free time during 2020 to take up creative pursuits such as reading, knitting, gardening, photography, or cooking.

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Now that life is getting busier again, would it be possible for us to balance the so-called normality with the creativity that embraced us during lockdown? Well, the buck stops at us. If we want to retain it, we can. If we have excuses for letting it go, then it’s a different story. Here’s what you can do to keep up the practice.

  1. Let it just be a hobby — A hobby, meaning something you love doing at leisure. You might not be good at it though. Don’t try to make it your strength or a part of your identity, just let that pursuit be in its place to keep you light-hearted and in peace, without any pressure to perform.
  2. Fondle its simplicity — Did you start the project just out of curiosity or enjoyment? What was the motivation? You didn’t start it for accolades, right? So keep it simple and don’t let ego come in.
  3. Calendar — Yes, a calendar is the best friend that never lets you drop the balls. Free time won’t appear magically. You’d have to dedicate specific time in your calendar to continue with your new recreation.

There you go champs, new normal is still the creative normal!



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