The experience of inexperience

All the world’s a stage, choose who performs for you

Supriya Sharma
2 min readJul 5, 2021
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Ever thought why the universe was designed the way we experience it — in the form of birth and death cycle for humans, where “we all have our entries and exits’’ (quoting Shakespeare). Harshly speaking, evolution purposely did it so people could die after doing the job of passing on their genes to the future generations for emergence of better species.

The old is definitely gold, no doubt. Experience counts in all aspects of life, and that’s what sells in the marketplace (at least at work). But that same experience can be a breeding ground for stagnancy, adding to clichéd growth hindrance. Sounds risky? Sure it is.

If, as a business manager or a coach, you have substantial risk appetite, taste the other side of risk this time. Be brave enough to rise above the regiment of the need for security. You might find solace in uncertainty, or feel that boost coming from curiosity of those who haven’t seen as much world as you — experience the inexperience. Give newbies a chance.

And probably, that’s the reason Arsene Wenger always sells good players after they rise, to bring in young ones (Arsenal did well as a result, isn’t it?). Well, here’s a tip for all good talent managers — don’t allow your star players to overstay their welcome. Didn’t also Alex Ferguson sell Eric Cantona, David Beckham and even Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester? Now you see…

Who knows, you may find someone external who disrupts the system you are operating in, and creates growth by innovation!



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