Planning a Workation?

Consider these 7 tips to make it a safe one

Supriya Sharma
2 min readMay 21, 2021
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Longing for a workstation by the beach or in a nice 5-star suite overlooking the snow covered peaks? Hmmm…so you are planning a workation (if not a full vacation) at the fag end of this second wave of the pandemic? Damn….even I can’t wait for such a relishing out-of-office experience!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you hop on the drawing board to make your workation come true.

  1. Check the destination’s entry requirements and restrictions — Every destination has a set of entry criteria and travel restrictions, so double-check before booking your trip. A negative RTPCR test result taken within 48–72 hours of travel is most commonly required plus there could be location-specific stringent regulations.
  2. Pack COVID-19 kit— Make sure to pack masks, hand sanitiser, gloves, digital thermometer, and an oximeter too may be.
  3. Get insurance cover — COVID-19 insurance is essential if you are travelling anywhere in 2021. Check thoroughly before you buy, it should cover hospital stays, testing, and other pandemic related expenses.
  4. Choose drivable destinations — Road trips are the safest and most promising (in terms of spectacular views) bet now, so pick distances that you are comfortable driving.
  5. Book accommodation with flexible cancellation policies — It’s always a smart idea to stay at a hotel/B&B that allows free cancellation and date change. If you need to cancel your trip at the last minute because of the ever-hanging uncertainty, you can at least get your deposit back. I am sure your money doesn’t grow like grass, at least mine doesn’t! ;)
  6. Be cautious pre-trip — You are better off not taking any chances. Limit your social activities in two weeks leading up to your trip to reduce the probability of meeting the virus.
  7. Avoid large groups — You might be tempted to take a trip with friends or family, however, in this era, it’s best to stay secluded from crowds. While 2020 was about survival, 2021 is about sustenance in real time.

Staying at home and working can get overwhelming and mundane, however we all need to realise that health is the first priority, not only ours but of those around us too. If you can handle your craving for workation, nothing like it actually. Indulge in some indoor activity and make work fun at home by simulating the destination you wish to visit.

Mask up and stay at home so all of us can write our true-to-heart travel diaries soon!



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