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It’s easy to freak out and get anxious during times of uncertainty. But the human mind is one of the most powerful machines that can make all the difference when it comes to managing stress. Scientists have conducted experiments to reveal that every thought that enters the mind eventually finds a place in the body. What more proof does one need to prioritize mental health?

Here is a list of handy hacks to improve your mental well-being and get more out of life.

1. Control what you can

It takes time the same energy to worry as it does to be positive. It’s true that you can’t control the stressful situations from occurring, but you can choose to stay optimistic and hopeful. You have no command over the negative banter on social media, but to participate or not is under your jurisdiction. You can’t go out and socialize, but you can connect with your loved ones over phones on video calls. The bottom line is to focus on what you can do and let go of the rest.

2. Take a digital break

You definitely need to stay updated on the events, but an overload of information and news can get upsetting and pretty draining. Turn off the TV, get offline and disable your phone news alerts; intentionally create a shutdown time.

3. Set a schedule

Routines might have been mundane during normal times, but it is worth sticking to a schedule when things are uncertain. It gives you a feeling of normalcy. Emulate your life before the lockdown as closely as you can. Set a proper wake up and bed-time routine, fix your work and meal times, plan your weekdays and weekends, set aside some family time.

4. Check what you eat

When you optimize your nutrition, you don’t just feed your body in a mindful way, but you also take care of your mental wellness. While instant foods are delicious and gratifying, they often contain sugar, preservatives and saturated fats that increase stress, anxiety and irritability. Now that we are mostly staying at home, it’s time to explore our culinary capabilities and adapt to healthy recipes with fresh ingredients.

5. Get some exercise

Come hail or shine, exercise is one timeless hack that beats the stress out of any situation. Moreover, given that we’re spending less time commuting, running for those in-person meetings or doing daily errands, we might as well use our time at home to sweat it out. Go for that YouTube workout, practice yoga or run it out on the treadmill, keep those happy hormones flowing.

Stay home, stay safe!



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Supriya Sharma

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