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It’s a boon when overthinking sinks in

Supriya Sharma
2 min readAug 19, 2021
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Been thinking about something much or for too long? Yeah, overthinking we term it. Depends on which peer group you land in, this art of thinking excessively could either fetch you a trophy or mockery.

We all have known this feeling, it’s energy-draining most times. In fact, studies have shown that overthinking elevates your stress levels, reduces your creativity, clouds your judgment and strips you of your power to make decisions.

This is when distraction becomes a savior! Else distraction has a negative connotation.

An appropriate distraction technique can help you redirect your mind when you start ruminating. Here are some I have found myself turning to, and the variety is attributed to the cause of overthinking each time I swirl down:

  • Looking at my own pictures (insane you think I am? May be…but a look at my face pulls me out instantly)
  • Visualizing a mental stop sign
  • Taking a walk in the garden in front of my house or around the block if I’m at work to reset
  • Journaling to see the situation from a new perspective
  • 4–6–8 breathing to calm down and get rid of negative thoughts, i.e., count 4 to inhale, 6 to hold and 8 to exhale
  • Scrolling through favorite social media channel
  • Cycling/leisure driving, as these activities require concentration
  • Doodling/painting, especially with limited resources to press the creativity button
  • Counting the stars if you live in a less polluted city/town
  • Even dancing to the loudest possible music is liberating (unless you don’t annoy your neighbors ;))
  • Feeling the breeze on the face while you flow with the waves (just as I am in the picture), let nature distract you

So next time you are thinking overly consciously or bitten by this bug unconsciously , check which of the above tricks work for you and add your own to the arsenal.



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