Fall for Business

What does the autumn season mean for your business?

Supriya Sharma
1 min readOct 11, 2021
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Autumn is the season of transition in the mid latitudes, what Keats called the season of mellow fruitfulness. It holds on the memories of the season before while providing glimpses of the season to come.

Though we may stay in some seasons longer than others, but eventually everything shifts and moves forward. Nothing is permanent, as the Buddha says.

What kept us going through the three quarters of this calendar year 2021 that followed the villainous 2020 was hope, that things will getter better.

Business, just like life, is cyclical. As leaders, we must cultivate the ability to navigate all seasons and stages with confidence that no matter the season we are in, it shall soon pass into another, especially when the numbers on the dashboard aren’t favouring our balance sheets. This is what autumn teaches us— where one lap ends, another begins.

Fall, the season of harvest right here, is a time to reap the rewards of all our hard work and focused commitment - we deserve it!

Let’s associate fall with new beginnings and opportunities.

Wishing many exciting changes in your business this autumn!



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