Bust the Analysis Paralysis

Taking action is what carries weight

Supriya Sharma
2 min readSep 5, 2021
Credit: Pixabay.com

Are you thinking of taking action on an idea or starting a project but feel clouded with overanalysis, overthink, procrastination or overwhelm?

Stop micromanaging like a bee, listen to your intuition and take action, the most fortuitous time is now.

Here are three ways to bust the analysis paralysis and pave your way forward.

  • You are a visionary head with a plethora of ideas. Accept it and congratulate yourself. Take few deep breaths and consciously realise that this is a good part of being a multi-passionate human being.
  • Write down that one thing which scares you the most about jumping to take this particular action or starting the project. No need to overthink the reason that shows up, just write it down so you neutralize the reaction of fear coming in the first place.
  • Take one leap forward, a baby step at a time. The focus shouldn’t be on getting it right, but on building momentum, on moving the energy towards your desired outcome.

And all this while, trust your ideas, give them the space they need to breathe and expand.

Thank you for being courageous and bringing your ideas out into the world, you are planting the seeds for a magical experience.



Supriya Sharma

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