Are you an attacking midfielder?

This is how soccer analogy applies your organisation

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An organisation succeeds when its employees succeed. This is the underlying reason for employers wanting to see their employees succeed. And if the organisation succeeds, there’s nothing stopping the employees from kissing success right on its lips. In reality, this creates a virtuous circle leading to favourable outcomes in the long run.

By adding value to your employer, not only are you displaying a strong sense of commitment to your team and the business as a whole, but it also holds you in good stride when it comes to career advancement. Yes, that’s how the cycle of benefits runs.

With such emphasis on creating value and being relevant in the corporate realm, the million dollar question remains how can you be considered a ‘value creator’ at your workplace?

As I ponder, my time well spent in Italy and Nigeria guides me straight to the round leather game. You guessed it…soccer!

If I were to ask you about a valuable member of the soccer team, who would it be — attacker, midfielder or defender? You’d be inclined to choose someone who operates effectively in three departments on the field whenever a game is on — scoring goals as an attacker, being a prolific midfielder or a strong defender.

If this soccer analogy is transfigured to the workplace, value creation from the perspective of the employer or the management can emerge from three angles, which are:

  • Scoring goals = bringing in the revenue

Credited to the very dynamic nature of the game of soccer, if we find a player who is labeled attacking midfielder, that is a utility player — the solid point of connect between the front and back ends, which calls for them to always be in high demand.

For you to be that gem in the organisation which enhances the shine, align your goals and actions with the vision and mission of the company and constantly evaluate your own performance with the help of this compass:

  • What’s my pennyworth?

Go on, it’s your turn, be a game changer!

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