Taking action is what carries weight

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  • You are a visionary head with a plethora of ideas. Accept it and congratulate yourself. Take few deep breaths and consciously realise that this is a good part of being a multi-passionate human being.
  • Write down that one thing which scares you the most about jumping…

Retreat your troops, let it takeover

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It’s a boon when overthinking sinks in

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All the world’s a stage, choose who performs for you

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Consider these 7 tips to make it a safe one

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  1. Check the destination’s entry requirements and restrictions — Every destination has a set of entry criteria and travel restrictions, so double-check before booking your trip. …

Start with these steps and see the difference

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5 steps to start a self nurturing practice

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An epicurish strategy for productivity

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And it can definitely change yours

A Slovak realisation: Power of words

The best things in life are free

Picture: Gifting myself a wonderful reading experience at OBA Library of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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