What does the autumn season mean for your business?

Autumn is the season of transition in the mid latitudes, what Keats called the season of mellow fruitfulness. It holds on the memories of the season before while providing glimpses of the season to come.

Though we may stay in some seasons longer than others, but eventually everything shifts and…

3 tips to embrace your newfound creativity

Creativity, as defined on Google, is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. In fact, Aristotle considered creativity to be a gift from the divine, something that resulted not during rational thought but when one was ‘bereft of his/her senses’. …

Taking action is what carries weight

Are you thinking of taking action on an idea or starting a project but feel clouded with overanalysis, overthink, procrastination or overwhelm?

Stop micromanaging like a bee, listen to your intuition and take action, the most fortuitous time is now.

Here are three ways to bust the analysis paralysis and…

Retreat your troops, let it takeover

Do you find yourself sitting down late in the evening for no great cause, past your usual bedtime, when you know you should go to bed?

Do you watch TV, play a game online or scroll through social media feeling as if the Central Valley duststorms were marching straight into…

It’s a boon when overthinking sinks in

Been thinking about something much or for too long? Yeah, overthinking we term it. Depends on which peer group you land in, this art of thinking excessively could either fetch you a trophy or mockery.

We all have known this feeling, it’s energy-draining most times. In fact, studies have shown…

All the world’s a stage, choose who performs for you

Ever thought why the universe was designed the way we experience it — in the form of birth and death cycle for humans, where “we all have our entries and exits’’ (quoting Shakespeare). …

Consider these 7 tips to make it a safe one

Longing for a workstation by the beach or in a nice 5-star suite overlooking the snow covered peaks? Hmmm…so you are planning a workation (if not a full vacation) at the fag end of this second wave of the pandemic? Damn….even I can’t wait for such a relishing out-of-office experience!

Start with these steps and see the difference

Ever thought who’s responsible for your productivity? If you are listing neighbours, friends, relatives, colleagues, and many more reasons around you, please walk up to a mirror and stand there for a minute. Yes buddy, you saw it right! It’s you who holds the reins of your productivity and none…

5 steps to start a self nurturing practice

Self nurturing simply refers to taking care of yourself. Oh, does it sound like being selfish or self obsession? Is that the reason people put themselves at the bottom of their list of priorities? And what happens as a result then? Burnout, exhaustion, frustration and resentment.

The truth is that…

An epicurish strategy for productivity

Confined to four walls of your not-so-new-found home office? Feeling mundane and isolated? Look through the window of hope! Can you see the avenues of creativity opening up for you? As they say, for each door that closes, there are ninety-nine others that open.

What the conventional breaks on a…

Supriya Sharma

♥️ — Proud Daughter, Charmed Sister, Juliet sans Romeo; 🧠 — CX Alchemist, Business Strategist, Leadership Evangelist, Author, Investor

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