10 things to consider while starting or doing your business

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1. Conduct proper research about the business stream you want to enter.

2. Start with whatever you have.

3. You are allowed to fail as many times as you do. Do not give up.

4. Ensure you have your mission, vision & core values representing your business.

5. Do not take advice from misleading folks.

6. Read books & watch some movies pertaining to the topic for out-of-sight insight.

7. Don’t be hasty to make profit, rather pump back your little gains to grow your business.

8. You may have to do some freebies at times for candid feedback.

9. Copy if you have to copy someone else, but make sure you customise it.

10. Trust the process, it will end well at the end.



10 things to give up from this very moment

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You are blessed with the phenomenal power to transform your life. Shun the negatives that hold you back and embrace living with positivity. Your time starts now!

  1. Give up living in guilt.
  2. Give up living expecting people to make you happy.
  3. Give up living with what-ifs.
  4. Give up living believing that you’re less.
  5. Give up living with regrets.
  6. Give up living with harsh judgement.
  7. Give up living with validation from others.
  8. Give up living saying, acting, or thinking that you’re not good enough.
  9. Give up living with self-pity.
  10. Give up living based on other people’s opinions about you.



Supriya Sharma

Supriya Sharma

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